Welcome to Orlando Epilepsy Center
Orlando Epilepsy Center      3849 Oakwater Circle, Orlando  FL 32806                         Phone:  (407) 240-1762     FAX: (407) 812-5869
Orlando Epilepsy Monitoring Unit     226 West Michigan Street, Orlando FL 32806       Phone:  (407) 704-8380     FAX: (407) 674-7993  
Ahmed Sadek, M.D.
Orlando Epilepsy Center is located at 3849
Oakwater Circle, Orlando  FL  32806  with
Neurological Services of Orlando.  
Welcome to the  specialized   epilepsy  center.      We provide
comprehensive  management  of  Epilepsy, including  
diagnostic work  up,   presurgical   evaluation   and   medical   
treatment of  Refractory  epilepsy.  We  also  specialized  in   
patient selection for different epilepsy surgical interventions
and Vagus Nerve Stimulation.  
Dr. Sadek is a Member of the American Academy of Neurology since 1998
Dr. Sadek is a Member of the American Epilepsy Society
Dr. Sadek received 2 fellowship training at the IVY League -  University of Pennsylvania, Epilepsy and Neuroimaging Research
Dr.Sadek Is member of the North American Chapter of the Internationa League Against Epilepsy
Dr Sadek received his Neurology Residency training at one of the Top Medical Schools in the US - Baylor College of Medicine 1997- 2001
Dr. Sadek is double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) in the field of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology
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