Welcome to Orlando Epilepsy Center
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
226 West Michigan Street, Orlando FL 32806

Orlando Epilepsy Center celebrates the opening of its epilepsy
Monitoring Unit (EMU).

Our Epilepsy monitoring unit  is state of
the art six (6) highly equipped rooms.

Each of the monitoring rooms is
designed to provide hotel accommodation
level of comfort combined with the cutting
edge monitoring Equipments.

                       A continuous long term video-EEG
                recording over a period of 3-7 days is
                usually sufficient to capture the clinical events
in question and to localize the underlying seizure activity.

The indications for epilepsy monitoring unit evaluation include;
diagnostic work up evaluations for
patients with unidentified events possibly

                   EMU evaluation is commonly used to identify the
type of seizures, i.e., (PNES) or psychogenic non-epileptic
seizures versus epileptic seizures.  

It is also commonly used for seizure
classification, if new seizures are being
recognized. One of the most important
indications for epilepsy monitoring is pre-surgical evaluations to
determine whether the patient is a candidate for epilepsy surgery
or not.

                               Different provocation are used during
                               the monitoring evaluation to increase
                               the likelihood of capturing seizures.

Family members are welcome to
accompany their loved ones during the
monitoring visit if they wish to do so.

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