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Abstracts/ Conference Presentations:

1)      Sadek AH, Kanner A, Montouris G, Fix A, French A. Behavioral
Adverse events in patients receiving Zonisamide. Epilepsia 2002; 43(S7)-182.

2)      Fix A, Sadek AH, Ting T, Kanner AM, French J. Safety Profile of
Levetiracetam. Epilepsia 2002; 43(S7)-206.

3)      Sadek AH, Fix Aaron, French J.  Levetiracetam related behavioral
adverse events- a post-marketing study. (Presented in the European Congress
of Epileptology Oct, 2002).

4)      Sadek AH, Kanner A, Montouris G, French J, Fix A. Behavioral Adverse
Events in Patients Receiving Levetiracetam.  Neurol 2002; 58(7) S3- P04.098.

5)      Molloy PT, Defeo R, Hunter J, Sadek A, Alavi A, Cnaan A, Phillips PC.
Excellent correlation of FDG-PET imaging with clinical outcome in patients
with neurofibromatosis type-I and low grade astrocytomas.   J Nucl Med 1999;
40(5)- 129P.

6)      Mozley PD, SadekAH, Alavi A, Gur RC, Muenz L, Bunow BJ,Kim HJ,
Jolles P, Stecker M, Newberg A. Non-Linear effects of aging on the cerebral
distribution of [Tc-99m] HMPAO in healthy human volunteers. J Nuc Med J.
Nucl Med 1997, 38(5)- 284P.

7)      Newberg A, Alavi A, Sperling M, Sadek A, Mozley PD, Malamut B.  
Preoperative FDG_PET scans as a predictors of memory loss following
temporal lobe surgery for seizure.  J Nuc Med J. Nucl Med 1997; 38(5)- 23P.

8)      Newberg A, Alavi A, Sperling M, Sadek A, Mozley PD, Malamut B.  
Thalamic metabolic asymmetry on FDG-PET scans as a determinant of seizure
outcome after temporal lobectomy. J Nuc Med 1997; 38(5)- 92P.

9)      Ivancevic V, Alavi A, Benard F, Sadek AH, Regional Cerebral Glucose
Metabloism in healthy volunteers Determined by FDG-PET: Appearance and
Variance in the transaxial Coronal and Sagittal Planes.  Eur J Nucl Med 1997;
24(8) 1008.

10)  Opazo-Rojas C, Mozley PD, Saffer J, Sadek AH, Alavi A.  The regional
cerebral distribution of Tc-99 ECD and 18FDG in patients with Alzehimer’s
disease and traumatic brain injuries. J Nuc Med J. Nucl Med 1997; 38(5)- 70P.

11)  Sadek AH, Mozley PD, Alavi A, Grossman MI.  Primary progressive
aphasia: [Tc 99m] HMPAO SPECT demonstates specific regions of left
hemispheric dysfunction.  J Nuc Med 1996; 37(5):165.

12)  Molloy PT, Sadek AH, Vaughn SN, Quinn KB, Needle MN, Phillips PC,
Alavi A.  Fluorodeoxyglucose FDG-PET in Pediatric Patients with
Neurofibromatosis Type-I.  J Nucl med 1996; 37(5):265P.

13)  Alavi A, LaRiccia P, Sadek AH, Lattanand C, Lee L, Reich H, Mozley
PD.  Objective assessment of the effects of pain and acupuncture on regional
brain function with Tc 99m HMPAO SPECT imaging.  J Nucl Med 1996; 37:


1)      Sadek AH, Rauch R, Schulz PE. Parkinsonism due to manganism in a
welder. Int J Toxicol. 2003 Sep-Oct; 22(5):393-401.

2)      Sadek AH, Schulz PE.  Welding-related parkinsonism. Neurol. 2001 57:
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3)      Newberg AB, Mozley PD, Sadek AH, Grossman M, Alavi A.  Regional
cerebral distribution of [Tc-99m] hexyl-methyl-proplene-amine-oxime in
patients with progressive aphasia.  J Neuroimaging 2000 10:162-168.

4)      Grossman M; Payer F; Onishi K; D'Esposito M; Morrison D; Sadek A;
Alavi A.  Language comprehension and regional cerebral defects in
frontotemporal degeneration and Alzheimer's disease. Neurology. 1998 Jan;50

5)      Mozley PD; Sadek AH; Alavi A; Gur RC; Muenz LR; Stecker MH;
Jolles P; Newberg A. Effects of aging on the cerebral distribution of technetium-
99m hexamethylpropylene amine oxime in healthy humans.  Eur J Nucl Med
1997, 24(7):754-61.

Book Chapters and Review Articles:

1)      French J, Sadek A.  Levetiracetam (Chapter37) in Shorvon S: Handbook
of Epilepsy Treatment. Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford, 2002.

2)      Sadek AH, Sekul E, Ashizawa T.  Chronic and recurrent noninfectious
meningitis (Chapter 79), in Samuels M (2nd Ed.).  Office Practice of
Neurology, Churchill Livingstone Inc, 2002.

3)      Sadek AH, French J. Case study on surgical treatment for refractory
epilepsy. Profiles in seizure management. 2002,1(4).

Internet Publications:

1)      Sadek, A.  Hemorrhagic brain metastasis from amelanotic melanoma of
unknown primary site.  Case Report. BCM Neurology www, May, 2000

2)      Sadek, A.  Manganese toxicity, clinical, and imaging study.  Case Report.
BCM Neurology www, March, 2001

3)      Sadek, A.  Electrical status epilepticus during slow sleep.  Case Report.
BCM Neurology www.

Lectures and Oral Presentations:

1)      Epilepsy current understanding and future directions. Primary Care
Annual Update Grand Island, NE 10/2005

2)      Multiple Sclerosis- Symptom management. Grand Island, NE 04/2005.

3)      Multiple Sclerosis – Update on Management.  State of Nebraska
Physician Assistant Annual meeting.  Kearney, NE 04/2005.

4)      Epilepsy – Update on management Wellness Center – Grand Island, NE

5)      Multiple Sclerosis – Update.  Primary Care Annual Update Grand Island,
NE 10/2004

6)      Multiple Sclerosis.  Wellness Center – Grand Island, NE, 04/2004.

7)      Migraine Headache, Treatment options.  Wellness Center – Grand Island,
NE, 01/2004.

8)      Epilepsy surgery, past, present and future. Grand round presentation,
Louisiana state university, 7/2002.

9)      Abnormal EEG Patterns.  Annual review course for electrophysiology
technicians.  Cozar Chester Hospital.  PA.  9/2001.

10)  International Classification of seizures.  Annual review course for
electrophysiology technicians.  Cozar Chester Hospital.  PA.  9/2001.

11)  Stem Cell Therapy in Parkinson Disease. Baylor College of Medicine
1/2001 – Basic Science presentation.

12)  Desmin Storage Myopathy.  Grand-Round presentation, Baylor College of
Medicine, 11/2000.

13)  Novel Technologies for Drug Delivery; Future trends Baylor College of
Medicine 12/1999 – Basic Science presentation.