Welcome to Orlando Epilepsy

Dr. Sadek has 2 years of Epilepsy fellowship
training at the University of Pennsylvania which
provided him with extensive background in epilepsy

We Provide comprehensive Epilepsy management for patients with
various types and severity.

1) Diagnosis and Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy patients
2) Routine and Prolonged EEG Studies
3) Ambulatory EEG evaluations
4) Epilepsy Monitoring Evaluations
5) Selection and Management of  VNS patients
6) Patient selection of candidates for epilepsy surgery
7) Participation in limited number of Drug trials
Epilepsy Management Services
Orlando Epilepsy Center      3849 Oakwater Circle, Orlando  FL 32806                         Phone:  (407) 240-1762     FAX: (407) 812-5869
Orlando Epilepsy Monitoring Unit     226 West Michigan Street, Orlando FL 32806       Phone:  (407) 704-8380     FAX: (407) 674-7993