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Dr. Sadek during one of his patient educational talks
Epilepsy is a neurological condition caused by
an abnormal electrical brain activity resulting in
 recurrent unprovoked seizures.  
Seizures usually present with either  focal or generalized symptoms
and often are associated with alteration of awareness or  complete
loss of consciousness accompanied by stiffening or jerking of

Epilepsy can result from a birth defect, head injury, brain tumor,  
infection, stroke and other conditions that afflict the brain. It can also
be genetic in origin. The majority of patients with epilepsy have no
identifiable cause.

In the US it is estimated that approximately 2.7 million people suffers
form epilepsy.  Approximately 65-70% of these patients are well
controlled on medical therapy.  The patients who continued to have
break through seizures despite being tried on at least properly chosen
and dosed medications are considered to have refractory epilepsy or
(Drug Resistant Epilepsy).

There are multiple different anti-epileptic medications available to
control seizures.  The patients who continued to have break-through
seizures despite appropriate medication therapy can be sometimes a
candidate for epilepsy surgery which may improve seizure outcome

For more details about epilepsy please refer to epilepsy foundation
and epilepsy advocate websites in the important links section.
A seizure is a change in sensation, awareness, or
behavior brought about by an electrical
disturbance in the brain.